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Server Connection Information

Login Details:
port: 2593

New Account Benefits:
- Newbie Armor for the Types like : Mage, Tamer, Bard, Crafter, Warrior
- 3x Skillball ( Accountbound)
- House Placing Deed
- 1x Statball
- 1x Account Bound SoulStone

Please check the forum for the rules. Client Information:
We are currently up to date with EA's client. Please use Razor, UOSteam, or any other program that allows you to log into our server. If you are having problems with Undressing your character and the item going ghost. Make sure you are up to date with Razor. I believe this Razor client should work.

Account Creation:
You can now have 5 accounts per household. This is due to the influx of people, but also due to the addition of RebirthUO 2.0. Thank you everyone who held 2 Accounts for so long.

If you see any bugs please post in the Bugs in the forum! This will help us try to make it so that we have a clean game. We are trying hard to get all the bugs we have currently. There are many since this is just coming out of development. Please be patient!

We are script friendly server. We allow scripts that will help with mundane things. We are open to you scripting for skill, we are however not ok with scripting to gain advantage over a player. (Potting scripts and PvP scripts are not allowed). We have a section dedicated to the sharing of scripts on this forum. You have put it in script submission and we will have a panel review it for malicious code prior to your submission.

Multiple Accounts are allowed up to 2 (for now). However you are only allowed 1 House in Luna City Walls or Zento City Plots. We will flag each house and account that is currently in these places with a Red Hue on the House Sign. Any subsequent placing on a secondary account will mean that the house is removed. Any item in that new house will be removed with the house. We want to leave Luna and Zento to become free market trade and allow for everyone to participate in this. Once we go live and the server has time to progress we will change this rule and allow placement of houses anywhere on any account.

We are a small Team of 4 developers freshly working on the shard. It runs yet but we want to finish our todo-list before we officially promote ( Wich will be an Event with special content )
- We are at ML Era + SA\HS content our focus will be a funshard based on our core content + custom individuals content.
- We will keep Skillcap\Statcap and other balancing themes similar to EA
- We looking forward making a shard for player, where the playerbase also can pass ideas and help making this shard greater.
- We are working on a PVE-Shard, wich means focus will be PVM with additional PVP-Games and content.
- You can use the latest classic client and razor

Feb 26, 2015
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