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What kind of account management would you prefer?

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  1. Fix amount of accounts + current gift system.

    6 vote(s)
  2. Big Fix amount of account + changed gift system.

    4 vote(s)
  3. Infinite Accounts, Fix Login + changed gift system.

    1 vote(s)
  4. Infinite Accounts, Fix Login, new housing rules + changed gift system.

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  5. We don´t need to change anything.

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  1. Pure

    Pure Administrator Staff Member Player Owner/Dev

    As many of you know, we have a strict rule about account limitations, housing limitations and such. I know, not all player like those and i would like to know, which direction we may should take and what kind of management you would prefer.

    I would also love if we see more then a simple vote, tell us how you feel about your vote!

    Also take into consideration, the more accounts we allow the more we need to design events and handlings strictly to have a fair contribution of content.

    Edit because i confused the players :

    With this Thread you not decide how we change the current account system. This is a feedback poll on that topic so i get some feedback how player would like to see future management.

    Regarding the gifts : With no donation Freebies i used the wrong term. Atm freebies are gained by a simple login. The more accounts we allow the higher the amount of "gifts" made will appear. The casual player may be happy but the more gifts appear the harder is it to control an overall economy. If we increase the amount of accounts, this means i will develop a new process how to contribute gifts. This could be claim codes, this could be forum pm with gift code. maybe an attachment. We will see.
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  2. 12TimesOver

    12TimesOver Active Member Player

    I like things the way they are with the exception that a 2 account max is a little tight. I notice some of the more active free shards (e.g. Demise) have a 4-account limitation and they have MUCH higher populations.

    Other than this I don't see a reason to change any of the other current policies. I've not seen more than 20 or so characters logged in at any given time so there certainly isn't a resource problem on the server.

    Freebies on holidays that are actually helpful (rather than shitty, OSI deco) are awesome and even with allowing 3 or 4 accounts there should be no reason to trim this back or cease it altogether. We're not talking about a situation where some people can afford to pay for a dozen accounts while others can barely squeeze by with one thus an imbalance is created. ANYONE can create the same number of accounts and play them thus receive the same benefits, just depends on if they want to or not.

    Rather than limiting housing I think it would be better to have a clear, enforced, inactive account IDOC process (although admittedly I don't know what the current process is). It's not like we are hurting for housing spots other than those of us jonesin' to place a non-existent Luna spot. Even with 3 or 4 accounts I couldn't see placing more than two houses personally, one for setting up vendors and one for living/working out of. If someone else would want to, all the power to them; I can barely keep up with the contents of a single castle.

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  3. Pure

    Pure Administrator Staff Member Player Owner/Dev

    Under the aspect that we gave away 20$ valued donation tickets on christmas, 4 accounts and more could be really troublesome. I´m not talking about a gift box her a freebie there.
    And yes i think we need to give more room to more accounts. I dont want to limit player, but i also not want seing someone making his 20 accounts miner\lumberjacker\bodfiller bodfarm because this will sooner or later ruin a shard. So on my personal view (and thats how i personally would vote) I would love to kill the limitation of mamximum accounts, but would like having a limitation how many accounts can be logged in synchronous per household. I just dont see a reason why someone who wants to PLAY needs to have 5 Miner , 5 Lumberjacker , 5 Doombots , 3 Champbots, maybe 10 bodfiller and 20 heartwoodfarmer running 24\7 (That would be me 5 years ago as player).Instead of that i would rather look how we can tweak the game play a bit better and limit the amount of logins. Another aspect on housing i might give some insight : A shard i know had a lot of trouble with the idoc process because 2-3 player inherited over 200 accounts of guildmembers with 80% of luna ownerhship and refreshed them all. I dont like that... But thats my personal oppinion. Keep it up, i want to see some discussions and some more feedback about !
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  4. 12TimesOver

    12TimesOver Active Member Player

    I agree with not wanting to see people with unlimited account access, that's why I like the limitation but maybe just put it to 3 or 4 accounts like we see elsewhere. Myself, I actively PLAY 2 accounts regularly but it's a pain to have to log off my miner every time I want to do something so 3 accounts is my prime target while 4 accounts could be cool if unnecessary.

    So that's my vote - leave housing, concurrent logins, and "freebies" alone but allow another one or two accounts per person.

    On the IDOC thing, what is the alternative? People who don't play anymore that dropped a free 7x7 in Luna just keep the spot indefinitely? What is the current account activity policy as it relates to housing on Rebirth?

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Pure

    Pure Administrator Staff Member Player Owner/Dev

    As far as i remember idoc is intact as it works on EA. Iam just not sure asap if we have old style or new style activated (would to check old commits\forum posts).

    For housing we have a softrule, but as we get more player its very hard to validate who follows or not. On other servers i played, a trusted guild member refreshed accounts for their friends, in case they ever comes back. This was also a downfall of RW because full luna and surrounding, every hotspot for housing was filled with a house, but player refreshed their accounts via script in case they come back. There were even player who not played for 2 or 3 years but still kept their 3 luna houses (with 3 accounts).

    As said i have no problem allow more accounts the problem is, as always if we limit the amount of accounts, player will try to get over it because they want to get an advantage of it. I dont know if i could give out free donation tokens or christmas tokens again, because people may now prepare accounts hiddenly just in case to grab their advantage. So i will have to find a way to reward it properly without giving cheater a chance to exploit. If we talk about 2 or 3 logins simultanous, this is not an issue on my personal view. I see an issue if people start to make "I farm everything alone with my account farm". Dont get me wrong, i dont do this survey in order to fuck up the community, i spend a lot of time on debating and brainstorming how could i make the shard better for the casual audience. And then i need also consider how to limit down "overboarders" without limit our casual playerbase.

    The idea of this surveys is getting an overview what the player wants and how we can get a solution where we allow a certain issue or part of experience on a way towards the liking of our precious community. Against the may modern thought we not fight against player, we want to make the shard player with the help of players.


    Edit : i changed the polls to clarify freebies I´m talking is DONATION LEVEL Freebies
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  6. Scorpio

    Scorpio Active Member Player

    I think 3 accounts is fine. Last server i had 7 accounts. 4 of wich had 1 char so i could rotate wich 2 I wanted to manage at a time(pushing 3 active is just too much hassle for me personally)

    Basically 3 accounts would open up a few nice options for players IMO. And I will not lie, with a third I would Actually do BODs and finally make a lj/miner. Also I think per IP/Household should be a little more flexible. For myself I do not let my daughter play because I do not want her messing with my accounts. If someone could kind of prove at least more people in household playing let them have another set of accnts for IP.

    Housing: Limit 1 house Luna or surrounding area of Luna. If we add the third let people have 3 houses. Where I disagree with 12x is 3 houses is awesome for pvpers. Personally I have a yew gate house(hoping for gate pvp one day) A fel guild castle that doubles as my armory. A third house that I could either Vendor or move my personal armory to would be cool.

    As far as a 4th account..... I mean, do you really NEED it? 4 accounts could be cool, but i foresee people who don't play many chars having 2 full bod running accounts. A little unbalanced.

    The donation "freebies" im assuming relates to free buying val hammers on christmas. Give us the 3rd and do as you will with these. It does cause an inbalance for less wealthy players.
  7. Scorpio

    Scorpio Active Member Player

    Also Pure, I agree with you on ALOT of this. I do feel constrained with only 2 accounts though.
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  8. Pure

    Pure Administrator Staff Member Player Owner/Dev

    I added some clarification and changed the poll options. You are free to change your cast ..
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  9. Scorpio

    Scorpio Active Member Player

    Copied for Scratch(he cant post here)

    My Views,

    Accounts: I think do a limited amount of accounts per household no exceptions. I think 4 or 5 would be a good number per household with no exceptions on the amount of people that play in that household.

    Account: I think limiting the number of accounts logged in per household at one time would be a good thing. I personal think no more then 3 accounts logged in per household at one time.

    Housing: 1 House inside luna walls per household and 1 house per account.

    Gifts: I think limit the number of "free" gifts to 1 or 2 per household. I think the avg of multi family households playing the server is 2. I understand some might have 3 but you need to find balance. I think 1 or 2 per household is a good balance. I agree having unlimited gifts makes people hide accounts.

    Donation Event items: My personal view is some people value time over money. Some people have less time to actually farm a say Val Hammer so having the option to buy it for 10 dollars fits there situation better. It comes down to a A. Having the extra cash B. Dollar per hour. If you have a job that allows you to have some extra cash. And you make 10 dollars an hour at your job. If you prefer to spend the 10 dollars on a hammer instead of farming for 10 hours. I dont see a problem in that because if you worked for 10 hours you would make 100 dollars instead. I also understand some people look at this as a "pay to win" but it is only a "pay for chance" you could spend 100 dollars and end up with nothing useless( believe me on that).

    If anyone that can post in housing can you repost this there for me?
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  10. Momma

    Momma New Member Player

    I like 3 accts, 1 house per acct, 1 house per household inside Luna walls, and a limit of 1 or 2 freebies on holiday.. with the exception of being able to buy more "gifts" on donation. This keeps the shard paid for and running.... I think unlimited accounts eventually ruins the shard (just my opinion) .
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  11. The Ghost

    The Ghost Active Member Player

    I think that having 3 accounts should be plenty. That give us the option to hunt, get backup toon and other to do the leg work. If a household have the whole family playing, 2 or more, then the should be limited because the can get out of hand rely quick. no need for each to have 3 account because they can help each other,

    As for the free gift, I did like this year present and did give me good return. As most I had receive on ISO was trash point.
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  12. Bryan

    Bryan Active Member Player

    as Ghost said:

    I think that having 3 accounts should be plenty. That give us the option to hunt, get backup toon and other to do the leg work. If a household have the whole family playing, 2 or more, then the should be limited because the can get out of hand rely quick. no need for each to have 3 account because they can help each other,

    As for the free gift, I did like this year present and did give me good return. As most I had receive on ISO was trash point.

    I could not have said this better myself!! I understand the need for a limit on accounts but I do believe as Ghost said it should be three.
  13. Pure

    Pure Administrator Staff Member Player Owner/Dev

    I would like to give you some insight what i have in my mind :
    1) I would like to allow up to 4 or 5 accounts so the rules for multiple and unique persons remains the same ( if one person play he gets x accounts but when 2 or more play they need to play with the given limit and there wont be no exception).
    2) I would like if we keep the soft rule (only 1 luna house per household) intact. It allows different players from different household to keep a wealthy luna and surrounding and allows player to have a second hideout, maybe one house for guild and one house for felucca. We have the grandfather system of osi intact, you could even place more per account if you manual refresh.
    3) The kind of gifts wont change, but with further accounts we have to change the contribution process. This could be bound to active forum readers or reduce the amount PER account (ie before was 2 per account with limit of 2 accounts in future could be 1 per account with limit of 4 or 5 accounts). I also must honestly say the christmas ticket went far over the idea. I really not thought player would buy that many tickets for the runics... But i plan on contribute more and more cool "Premium" gifts because iam still on the F2P side with the idea in mind we dont should focus on donations but on good content.

    Edit : The reason why i added runics onto the christmas tickets was to promote the new crafting system and allow our players a small speed up. Now players seems to be better suited and ready for further challenges and have still leftovers helping new player better out.
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