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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crisis, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Crisis

    Crisis Member Player

    1. I have high seas fish from the past but all I am getting now is "fish". Have they been removed?
    2. What is the average rate for serpents/hour and mib/hour? in 2 hours and 30 minutes, I have gotten 3 maps, 2 mibs, 1 net and only 6 serpents. It is a small sampling so I cannot tell if the mib drop rate is ok because there have only been 6 serpents. On OSI I usually have an average of 9 per hour and mibs of 3.6 per hour after a running total of 45 hours of running TM's FAF.
    3. Heavy fish and rare fish when caught, have your name, date, and weight on them. Are there any of those here?
  2. Crisis

    Crisis Member Player

    Things have picked up a bit as I let it run but it is still a ways off from OSI. This isn't a complaint, more of an FYI. I don't know how much the +5 difference in fishing plays a part either on pulling serpents and MIBS. :)

    OSI FAF Results
    OSI FAF Results.png

    RUO FAF Results
    RUO FAF Results.png
  3. Pure

    Pure Administrator Staff Member Player Owner/Dev

    There will be huge changes upcoming to the fishing system on RB 3. Atm i not focus on updating our old core that much due the fact that the systems has been reinvented a lot.
    I will call you once we have a new version of TC running, so you can test fishing there :)
  4. Crisis

    Crisis Member Player

    You are the man and I have been gone too long I guess. I saw references to RB2 and RB3 but wasn't sure what they were. I will look into getting the TC for RB3 set up.
  5. Pure

    Pure Administrator Staff Member Player Owner/Dev

    I were around on and off deciding how we solve things but hadnt released anything so far. Atm i test a new structure where @TrailMyx and @Duck Duck should check the Staff Forum.

    Once we have something to show, we will
  6. The Ghost

    The Ghost Active Member Player

    Crisis, when you joing it was RB1 and HS fish where present and rate of getting SOS were good. Pure had to remove HS contain to merge file and remove some bug. With the new core RB3 have TOL and all the OSI land.

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